Message from Managing Director

It gives much pleasure to introduce Gomez Medical Services to your renowned company. Gomez Medical Services is a very well renowned Medical Group practice comprising of 11 clinics to our credit and providing quality health care to various communities. The main aim of all of our clinics is to provide affordable health care and quality service. Our clinics are situated in different parts of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and one in Kampar, Perak. 


Our experienced specialists and general practitioners dedicate their best knowledge and skills to all individuals who seek our medical attention. Each and every specialist and general practitioner of Gomez Medical Services pledges compassion to every individual patient by being sensitive and attentive to the patient's needs.


You would concur with me that a strong healthy backbone of an organization is crucial in helping to build a strong grounded workforce, thus having healthier and happier employees will give any company the added advantage needed to succeed.  Healthier staff will therefore indirectly increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Gomez Medical Services would therefore like to take this opportunity to express our wish to be your healthcare consultant. It is our belief that together we can play a proactive role in developing a premium health programme for your staffs. Besides providing the best cost effective outpatient care, Gomez Medical Services also provides health screening exercises. We also provide different Executive Screening Programs (ESP) tailored to meet the demands of the patients at a very affordable price.


Let us work together on a meaningful partnership in promoting health by providing quality health care that meets the Malaysian Nation's aspirations.



"A family health experience"



Let strive and maintain success and excellence at all times.



Dr. Patrick Justin Lawrence

Managing Director

Gomez Medical Services Sdn Bhd

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